How can I register for the dance competition and/or convention?

To register for the dance competition, you can visit our website and fill out the online registration form.  (Coming soon!) Registration will be based on a first come, first serve system. Registration AND payment must be received to secure your school's spot.


What types of dance styles are allowed in the competition?

We have categories in Street Styles/Hip Hop, Contemporary/Lyrical, and Jazz. Categories are split into 2 tiers based on their choreography (student choreography, and non-student choreography)


Is there an entry fee for the competition?

Yes, there is an entry fee for each number entered into the dance competition. The exact amounts can be found on our website during the registration process.  Please note that payment must be received to secure your school's entry/registration.


When and where will the dance competition and convention take place?

The venue for BOTH events is at Salish Secondary School in Surrey, B.C. See pages for dates. Stay updated by checking our website and following our social media channels.


Are schools outside the lower mainland allowed to register?

Yes! Schools from anywhere in B.C can register for 1 or both events.  Local hotels can be recommended upon request.


Do dance teams need a teacher at the events?

YES! All dance teams, and all students registrered must have a teacher sponsor(s) from their school present for the duration of the event(s). Teachers are responsible for their own students at all times.  


Are parents/audience allowed in to the events?

NO!  Due to space restrictions, both Level Up events are for dancers and their school sponsor teachers/supervisors only.  There are no audience tickets sold.  Only performers and registered adult supervisors are allowed in.  


Will the event will filmed and photographed?

Yes.  Both events include full videos and select highlighted photos with your registration fee.